About Fokke Lingeman

My name is Fokke Lingeman, I am originally from the Netherlands and was born in ’85 (do the math). Fed by Me is the home of where I have been dumping my photography and paintwork into the public since early 2003. Should you wish to contact me I prefer that you do so by sending me an electronic mail.

I mainly use my Nikon D200, Panasonic GF1 (predominantly with 20mm 1.7) and Canon EOS5 for the photos on this site. I use Adobe Lightroom for my entire digital workflow.

My other projects

Some of my photo series // fokkelingeman.com


Photoblogs i like

Gabriel // v4.wrongsyntax.com/

Paolo // supersteady.org


Photoblogs from my friends

Jurian van der Have // withopeneyes.org

Laura van der Linde // lauravdlinde.com

Ruud Vonk // rudest.nl